Friday, March 28, 2008

Those banjo players again


This is not a good day. One of my favorite CBC programs is Two New Hours,
where I can end my weekends listening to new compositions, sometimes
performed by this orchestra. CBC claims this will free up $1 million of
their budget to record other music. If their budget is that tight,
how far can it be before CBC starts syndicating NPR material?

I have a high regard for Nancy DiNova, and this quote sums it up:

> It's almost like open warfare on classical music in this country. I
> just don't understand what people are thinking who are in charge of
> the CBC here," said Nancy DiNova, a violinist who used to play with
> the orchestra and whose husband and son are both members now. "The CBC
> is now going to spend more money on banjo players."

Next time I hear Bela Fleck or Tony Furtado Sunday night, I'll know why.

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Tib said...

So are you available on the 11/12/13 April weekend for the first virtual of the year?