Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cultural speedup

When was that Robert Plant/Alison Krauss duet thing released, last December?
Like three months ago? I forget what show the kids were watching last weekend,
but an ad came on using one of the tunes as background. Three months: that must
be a record for the gap between when a song is released and when it's used to move
products. The X-Ray Specs needed 25 years, while an out-of-left-field country
compilation needs less than 100 days.

Now I gather Bob doesn't need the money, and Alison probably has a nice
spread in Fort Wayne or somewhere else in middle America where the living
is easy and not so expensive. No, this is how the record companies are
making their money now. Let the album out, figure out its audience, and then
use advertising to bring in the revenue. I knew the labels would figure it out.

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