Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spy vs. The White Stuff Guy

So the meme of the week (or maybe last week, or last month, but I just heard about it) is the Stuff White People Like blog. While it's mildly amusing, the part that gets me is how each entry is attracting hundreds of comments. If he called it "Stuff Yuppies Like" he wouldn't get nearly as much response, particularly from people who identify themselves racially.

Meanwhile my wife found an anthology of Spy magazine at the library. I had forgotten all about that magazine, but now see it as a vital cultural link between National Lampoon (when it was funny) and whatever biting satirical publication is making the rounds now. What's that, there isn't one? Exactly. We live in sad times. Yesterday I opened the book to an article on "Yuppie Porn", featuring items with matte black, digital readouts (remember this was the late 80s), and other stuff that people bought to make a statement about how they stood out. Things haven't changed that way, at least.

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