Saturday, September 29, 2007

A new computer for the tattooed flickr guy

So Roland won a new Sun server and was musing what to do with it. While Bryght can probably use it, and it would get put to use during fun hackathons, there's another charitable use he can put it to, although a tax receipt is unlikely. It seems that Colin, the guy in Victoria who unwittingly uploaded a couple of self-portraits on a stolen laptop, is just "an ordinary guy" who is out 800 dollars and will never buy a used computer again. Although another news article reports that he claimed he got it from a friend of a friend, and apparently he's known to Victoria police, and his job is that favorite of ordinary guys everywhere, namely a bodyguard, let's take it at his word that he's got kids, and his family needs a computer. Here's why Roland's Sun server would make an ideal gift.

Obviously, no PhotoBooth program to get himself, or his visiting friends, into further trouble.

Learning how to use vim or emacs to maintain his cron jobs will keep him busy enough that he's less likely to maintain his known-to-police status.

Ya know how the kids these days spend hours playing games on sites like Neopets? You try installing the required Flash plug-ins on those machines.

The world needs a Web 2.0 site for bodyguards written in Rails.

The computer will be semi-famous. If he tries to unload it on Craigslist, whoever is interested will presumably figure out its provenance, and post Colin's address and phone number to the usual spots.

No one would want to steal it.

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