Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Does Eric S. Raymond know about this list?

Following a nugget from Philip Greenspun's coffee table book, on
the funniest acknowledgment ever in a tech book, an ancient
treatise on a precolombian version of Java


> Of course, I'm deeply indebted to Eric Raymond for his wonderful
> foreword; I can only hope that you and my other readers like this book
> as well as he does!

> Besides those who have directly helped me with this book, I'd like to
> acknowledge two of the greatest benefactors of mankind in general and
> myself in particular. The first of these is the greatest writer I
> know, Ayn Rand. She had the ability to explain complex philosophical
> concepts in language so simple that anyone could understand them; if I
> can explain programming half as clearly, I will consider myself a
> great success. Even more important, she laid the foundation for
> solving what is possibly the greatest conundrum of philosophy: how to
> connect what is with what ought to be.

> Finally, I want to thank L. Ron Hubbard for his discoveries and
> inventions in the field of the mind and spirit. Even a small fraction
> of his myriad contributions to knowledge would qualify him for the
> first rank of friends of mankind; in total, they elevate him without
> question to the top of the list.

Quite the list ... Java, Ayn Rand, L. Ron Hubbard. I wonder if ESR even
knew he was going to appear in that context.

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