Friday, September 7, 2007

These boots were made for driving around the block

Today's local back-to-school feature in the Vancouver Sun, "Keeping Students Safe", quotes Surrey school trustee Laurae McNally admonishing parents that their kids are perfectly capable of a five-minute walk to get to school.

"We need to really emphasize to parents that if they only live a block or two from school, they should be letting their children walk," she said.

She's not saying that parents currently are driving their kids one block to school, right? One would hope, but then reporter Janet Steffenhagen quotes her "adding" that "she's dismayed to see parents drive children one block to school and then turn around and drive back."

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Tib said...

Eric, did you get my email about the Seattle team thingie on Sept 15/16?
Weren't you planning to pass by my appartment last week?
I have a few things for you too, you know ;)