Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vancouver heads-ups to start the long weekend

This Friday's Critical Mass is the big one of the year.  They're expecting 2000 riders, and finally I don't have other plans and can join them.  As usual, no one has any idea where the ride will go until it happens.

After a couple of hours of riding, time to head home, shower, and come back downtown to see former co-worker Matt's brother-in-law Joe pound the drums as Baked Potato plays the Media Club (behind the QE Theatreon Cambie). From (almost an oxymoron there):

> This Friday (the 29th), Baked Potato is the first band of 3 so start time is EARLY!

> Baked Potato starts @ 9:00pm and plays 'till 10:15pm.

If you were ever wondering what the confluence of Zappa, the Allmans, and
Herbie Mann sounded like, these guys might be as close as you'll get.

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