Saturday, June 9, 2007

Time for some more baconizers?

One obvious network is of musicians who've performed with other musicians. Then we could find out how many links it is from Robert Johnson to, say, Kenny Wayne Shepard. Or from the MC5 to Hayley Duff. Inquiring minds need to know. Call this an M number. Since lots of professional musicans also appear in movies, many would have an M-B number.

Everyone's had roommates at some time. Everyone you've ever shared an address with has an R-number of 1 with respect to you, but let's not count motels on road trips. Just places that have a mailbox. I might be three links from Neil Young. Back in the early 80s we had a law-school dropout of a housemate who claimed he once shared a place with Dewey Martin, who played with Buffalo Springfield and CSN&Y. Odds are pretty good that he roomed for a while with Neil. Which means I could have an R-link of 3 with sportswriter great Scott Young.

I just found out that Canadian indie favorites Feist and Peaches also have been roommates. So now M-R numbers are common too. Do music videos count towards Bacon numbers? If they do M-R-B numbers are out there to be catalogued and bragged about.

Let's turn to real estate now. Most transactions involve two parties, an agent representing the vendor, and one for the buyer. Now I'm wondering if most agents in North America are all linked together. How many hops from an agent in Anchorage to one in Miami? Is there a correlation between a low Haslam number (named after a ubiquitous Vancouver agent) and income? Vancouver definitely has its share of real estate agents who also act. So there must be a few people with B-H numbers.

Anyone out there with a defined B-E-H-M-R number?


Tib said...

Eric, how come you claim to be the inventor of the baconizer but is not your domain. I am shocked since I know you wrote the baconizer!
Do you have any control over the actual web site? Some links are out of date, etc... :)

Oh, found you!

Eric Promislow said...

Looks like some stray tags got caught in your cache.