Saturday, June 16, 2007

Could be the most sublime hour of live rock music ever...

Never one to be the first to find something, yesterday I stumbled on Wolfgang's Vault, the web-based repository of the memorabilia from Bill Graham's estate (one story here), and stayed up way too late listening to recordings of live concerts by a pre-Born-to-Run Springsteen, a 20-minute "Time" by the Chambers Brothers, an early performance of Tommy, even checking out minor worthies like Erma Franklin. But the best is from the Allman's New Year's Eve 1973 performance, set 2. "Les Brers in A Minor", in 3 parts, with walk-ons from Garcia and Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann, and then a "who knew" bluesy contribution by Boz Scaggs. You can buy some of these shows on MP3, but the streams are free.

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