Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-End Roundup: Magazine of the Year Award...

Goes to Garden & Gun magazine, available here (only in the US, pity):

Something tells me this isn't a joke. Here's the sort of review you can
write even if the magazine doesn't exist:

> Like the reviewer before me, I liked this magazine, but didn't find it
> as in-depth as Home and Howitzer. But it does appear to fill in the
> heretofore missing category of small-arms/small garden. Air
> power/ecology is well covered with Nature and Napalm, and naval
> enthusiasts have long looked to Battleships and Beaches to cover their
> spectrum of interests. It's long overdue for us in the .50 cal and
> under group to get our own magazine.

I like the way his first line echoes Robbie Robertson's "Night they drove
old Dixie Down".


Tib said...

I was sure it was a joke until I surfed to the tinyurl.
How about a new magazine called 'treehouses and boomerangs'?

Eric Promislow said...

Sounds good, but it looks like I'll be busy working on launching "Meth & Magic", the monthly for performers with addiction problems.