Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Facebook Fun & Games #2: Editing Messages

Hey, Facebook guys, please review your notes from your HTTP programming 101 course.

When you go to compose a message to someone, the call that brings up the form
is a GET call. It doesn't change anything on the server. Firefox should be able
to cache the text I've typed in any fields when I run into problems with your captcha
service, and then I won't have to retype everything because you didn't provide a
Cancel button in the captcha box.

Lesson learned: when I want to send a message to someone, I'll poke them, give them
my email address, and hold a normal electronic conversation.


Tib said...

I don't get it. and that's no pun.
What I mean is that I don't get any captcha on Facebook.
So are you talking about an app again?


Eric Promislow said...

If sending a message is an app, I guess I am.

Did you register your account (they give you that option)? Maybe you only get the captcha the first time you send someone a message.

I actually lost another message at a later point by accidentally pressing Ctrl-left-arrow, which left that web page without a prompt. Because the page was populated with a POST command and not a GET command, the contents weren't cached, and I couldn't get back to it. At least I think that's what's going on -- I never took HTTP 101.

So you haven't figured out that I'm trying to hit 100 blog posts before the year runs out?

Eric Promislow said...

My mistake -- I was using a defective GreaseMonkey script that caused the text to appear deleted -- it was there, but wrapped in invalid HTML. Script's updated, but I'd still rather not deal with facebook email.