Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recession Bellingham & the 3rd of July

Tough times are finally showing up in Bellingham. Five years ago the town boasted that it was on a top ten list for expensive residential real estate in the U.S., and now the place is full of for sale signs and boarded up businesses.

This video store has been at the local mini-mall, near Lake Whatcom, since we started coming here ten years ago. But it was no match for the 1-2-3 punch of Netflix, internet downloads, and a moribund economy. The swimming pool's also closed this summer, due to a budget shortfall this year, and a deficit last year of about $27,000.

Things aren't any better in big-box land. I don't even remember when these two places opened, if they did. They're behind the Value Village off Meridian near Bellis Fair mall, a can't miss location two years ago. Now it's an asphalt wasteland.

Hey, Baby, it's the 3rd of July

Every year Sudden Valley puts on a fireworks display. For some reason it was scheduled for Saturday night, the 3rd, this year. Very weird, considering that most people with jobs most likely had Monday the 5th off, and the kids could sleep in.
It turns out that a Sudden Valley family has been sponsoring the fireworks display for the last couple of years, and they couldn't stay for Sunday (maybe they're from Canada). So the association happily set the fireworks off on Saturday. Here are some shots.

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