Saturday, February 2, 2008

It was 20 years ago this coming April

My first juggling convention:

> April 8-10
> Amherst, Mass.
> "Return to Amherst" Juggling Mini-Convention. The 9th Annual! Start juggling at
> 5 p.m. Friday and keep it up until you drop. 48 hours of non-stop juggling in
> the spacious Robert Crown Center on the Hampshire College Campus just four miles
> south of Amherst on Route 116. A $15 registration fee covers the entire weekend,
> including public show, workshops and door prizes. Bring your sleeping bag if you
> want to sleep on site. For more information, call Carol at 203-878-3121 and
> leave a message on the machine.

And the first is still the best. I met tons of great people that weekend, including Mark Nizer, 9-ball wizard Sue Kirby, economics prof Arthur Lewbel, and even the irrepressible Brad Zentmeyer.
The on-site sleeping area was in the karate room adjacent to the gym. We had the use of the sauna nearby. It was the first time I had been served brown rice in an otherwise unassuming Chinese restaurant. And I have a feeling the Cafe Classé is history, but at the time their Sunday
brunch was unrivaled. OK, all our tastes have matured since then.

If you got bored of juggling, there were also workshops on bicycle repair and reproductive freedom happening on campus that weekend as well. And the muted beauty of an early spring New England weekend added to the perfection.

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