Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Book review: Wandering Home

I just read "Wandering Home" by Bill McKibben. A little book about a walk
he did from his current home at Middlebury to his old home in the eastern
Adirondacks. I find him the prototypical young folgie, but his descriptions
of the Adirondacks took me back to all those hikes I used to do there
when I lived in Ottawa. The contrast between Vermont and New York, separated
by a thin lake, are brought home clearly. The Adirondack natives drive
Ford pick-ups, not the SUVs and Subarus so common in Vermont.

We'd usually stop at a store for cheap dairy on the way home from those
hides, and invariably someone in the lineup would be paying for their
groceries with food stamps, something you rarely see in most parts of
the states frequented by visitors. The book's worth the two hours or
so it takes -- it certainly reminded me of the many charms of
those mountains.

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