Thursday, August 23, 2007

Your search for back issues of "Many Happy Returns" is over

Andy Cross announces that the USBA has digitized every issue of its newsletter
from #20 in 1984 to the present, and is shipping a CD of PDF files:

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce the availability of all back issues of Many Happy Returns (#20 to #95) in PDF format. There is lots of great information in these newsletters and many of the earlier ones are difficult to come by. The files will be distributed on either a CD or DVD (your choice). The price is 25 issues (your choice of issues) for $15 USD ($20 USD for non-USBA members) or the complete set for $40 USD ($50 USD for non-USBA members) plus $5 USD for shipping. This is excellent value considering that the issues date all the way back to 1984 and that subsets typically sell for over $1.50 per issue. The prices listed above are $0.60 per issue for the 25 issue set and ~$0.53 per issue if you go for the complete set. Shipping of the disc will also be a fraction of what it would cost to mail the actual issues. All proceeds from the sale of these discs will be donated to the USBA. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the disc you can send payment and the details of your order (i.e. DVD or CD and which issues) to myself at the address below or you can make payment via PayPal (

Tib, I guess I can pick up that box of newsletters of mine now.

Anyone who wants Andy Cross's physical address, send me a note.
Like anyone who's interested can't find it...

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Tib said...

Hey Eric,

where did you get that info from?
Are you a member of the USBA?
(I am shocked! if you are, since you're not a member of Canboom!)

Anyways, good to hear from you. Are you back in Vancouver?