Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some Sample Pure Questions

I get to participate in one of those surveys that correlates types of urban environments with ones health. Lucky me. Search for "Pure" and McMaster to get an idea. Here are some of the questions I had to answer. How do you think you'd do?

How many servings of creamed soup do you have, either per day, per week, per month, or per year? Probably 1/year, which allows for 2 of those expensive yin-yang soups you can get at French restaurants.

What about salted/dried meat or fish? I figured this counts smoked fish, bumping this up to
1/month. Maybe it should be 18/year.

Chilies, green or red. Hmmm, maybe 4 per year. Could be more, but I hardly ever have authentic Mexican or real spicy East Asian.

Folic Acid substitutes? Nein.

Is there a park within a 1-5 minute walk? It's out our back door.

Do we own a computer? Yes. How many? 4, including the Linux box that Limewire no longer works on, and the SE/30 in the closet that still works as well as it did in 1992.

How many days in the last 7 did I do heavy physical activity at work (lifting, digging,
construction)? Shit. Zero. In fact I answered the questions on physical activity literally with respect to what I did over the last seven days. Less biking because I was on a business trip, but then I succeeded at getting to the gym two of the three mornings in the hotel.

Meanwhile elsewhere on the survey front our household's been picked to participate in a BBN survey on our radio usage. So while Judy and I can weight the results towards CBC, our younger daughter can tilt it over to the two local early-teen rock stations. I considered offering my 15-minute blocks on a $1 donation per, as long as the stations that get mentioned are accessible here somehow (dial, satellite, internet -- are these BBN folks hip now or what)?
But that would be too much hassle.

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